The Call

The Moto traveled slowly down the long, rough mountain road.  A father holding his sixteen-day-old baby girl against his chest.  Her mother had died in childbirth. The father, with no prospects of a job or money to support even himself, knew if his child was to survive he would have to make a sacrifice of unselfish love.  The Moto stopped; the father with child exited and looked at the young American woman who stood at an entranceway to a newly constructed compound. With tears in his eyes, he placed Annia (On-Yah) in the arms of Ellen and, with that act, Annia became the first baby to be loved and cared for at La Limye’ Children’s Home in Haiti.

Ellen Humerickhouse was introduced to mission work early in life.  When she finished high school, Ellen participated in local mission work and then joined an international mission team to Haiti.  Then, at age 19, she felt God’s call to follow Him.

After mission trips to Africa (Uganda and Ethiopia) and Mexico (Reynosa), she made her way to back to Haiti and knew this place was her calling as a full time missionary.  In August 2013 at age 22, Ellen moved to an extremely poor part of Haiti and bought land. In January 2014, she formally started her 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry and named it La Limye’—which means “The Light” in Haitian Creole. She started construction of a girl’s home shortly thereafter.

La Limye’ Children’s Home opened its doors in March 2016.  Since then, eleven more girls, two with special needs, have joined Annia to be loved, cared for, educated, and guided spiritually by Ellen and her House Parents.  La Limye now employs 26 locals, allowing for the Haitians to support their families and care for others in their community.  Ellen has reached out to the surrounding community offering pure drinking water, food, English classes, basic literacy, and life skill classes. Most importantly, La Limye’ offers the opportunity to learn of the love of Christ through Bible classes, Word study, and deeds.  Ellen’s vision is to expand the La Limye’ Mission to encompass other needs of the region.

Her short term goal is to build an apartment to make room for interns in the children’s home.  Once complete, La Limye’ will focus on building a school for children with special needs.  There are mountains to climb, but Ellen knows that Christ is working at La Limye’ and, through faith and prayer, God will provide.  You can help by supporting Ellen and La Limye’ through prayer, mission teams, and donations.  Please learn more by visiting:

A small child lay beside the road…abandoned.  Her body was skin and bones.  She could not talk or rise from her position.  Someone picked her up and brought her to La Limye’ and Ellen.  Ellen didn’t know her background but knew little Dachena was about one-year-old and weighed 11lbs—newborn diapers fit her and infant clothes hung loosely. Dachena is now a vibrant three-year-old who runs, plays, and is known as “boss lady” for her verbal command of the other children.  This is just one of the miracles God has done at La Limye.  Please help Ellen, La Limye’, and her girls home continue God’s magnificent work.

La Limye Ministries:
170 Huntington Place, Rossville, TN 38066

Mission Statement: “I am sending you to them to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Me.”  Acts 26:17-18

La Limye Goal
To fulfill The Great Commission by expanding our Children’s Home to love, disciple, house, train, and educate our girls while reaching out to the surrounding community offering discipleship and basic life support to address the needs of a struggling people.

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